Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines & Gangs

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Posted: 07 January 2019
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Course Overview:

This course looks at, in detail, gangs, county lines and child criminal exploitation relating to children and young people. It has been updated to include key findings from 'Protecting Children from Criminal Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Addendum Report' (Nov, 2018).

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is Child Criminal Exploitation?
  • What is County Lines?
  • Signs/what to look out for!
  • Why do individuals join gangs and identity?
  • Identify signs of grooming process.
  • Identify factors contributing to Gang activity
  • Explore its impact on vulnerable children and young people.
  • Best practice advice/What we can do as professionals.

This is a practical course and has been developed for practitioners and managers. It will explore the implications of gangs, county lines and criminal exploitation relating to children and young people. It will also provide an opportunity for delegates to share experience and knowledge.

This course is aimed at anyone working with children and/or young people. It can be delivered anywhere in England and Wales and comes as highly recommended. 

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