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Posted: 22 March 2017

Duration: Each programme consists of 5 x 1 hour sessions

Programme/Training developed for:

  • Children and young people -ages 10 -upwards.
  • Professionals and Staff working with Children and Young People.

Welcome to the Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe Gangs Prevention Programme.

Our mission is simple:

We want to educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle.

Set up by James Riley after working within the Criminal Justice system for over 18 years as a Probation Officer, specialising in Urban Street Gangs and Organised Crime Groups  – the GANGS Programme was established and its mission is simple:

“To educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle”

Working across the UK to deliver the GANGS (Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe) prevention programme to schools, alternative education providers and youth services to name a few, we want to empower young people to make the right decisions.

About Our GANGS Programme: 

The GANGS (Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe) programme was developed using both professional research, best practice guidance and personal experience and is continuing to be developed as new research and material comes to light.

The GANGS programme is an intensive 5 sessions educational, preventative and diversionary programme which aims to educate young people on the dangers of the gang lifestyle for the individual, their families and the wider community. The content covers issues such as joint enterprise, consequences, retaliation, victims and criminal explotation.

It is anticipated that the GANGS programme will empower young people to make informed decisions about their current or future associates and lifestyle, thus reducing the potential risks of gang related behaviour.

The programme is inclusive of all learning styles and uses presentations, role play, music and videos to engage the participants whilst continually sending out the message, “Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe”.

For more info contact James Riley by emailing

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