The 5 social work businesses we’re watching

Social Work Businesses
[vc_column_text]We like to think of ourselves as the “One Stop Hub” for social work and care, bringing together so many different aspects of the industry to help make life easier for everyone working in social work. With this in mind, we keep an eye on the new developments and innovative ideas, whether it’s through bringing technology into an old-fashioned sector or providing expert advice about health to help practitioners approach complicated situations.

Here are some of the businesses we can’t get enough of lately and why we think they could really help re-vamp social work.[/vc_column_text]

[vc_text_separator title=”Unmind” color=”orange” border_width=”4″][vc_column_text]Who are they?

Self-described as “a positive, proactive mental health platform”, the team behind Unmind aim to provide workplaces with the suitable support to ensure good mental health for employees. They work with psychologists, neuroscientists and behavioural experts to best understand human nature and build their platform around real characteristics. With 92% of employees showing wellbeing improvement after their courses, it’s undeniable Unmind are definitely doing something right in the mental health world.

Why we like them:

Mental health in the workplace is one of our passions, as modern life brings with it many stresses and bringing that pressure to work only worsens things for everyone! Unmind are looking at businesses as groups of people, not faceless organisations, which gives them a fresh approach with a degree of humanity we love! They’re working to make mental health an open topic of discussion in the workplace, helping employees feel more comfortable and supported while ensuring businesses don’t lose out.[/vc_column_text][vc_message]Find out more at[/vc_message]

[vc_text_separator title=”We Walk the Line” color=”orange” border_width=”4″][vc_column_text]Who are they?

We Walk the Line are “Coffee with a Conscience” – a social enterprise that employs people who need a chance more than others, such as young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs), ex-offenders or the homeless. They develop their employability skills through the medium of artisanal coffee and support their entrepreneurs throughout the whole process of establishing their own coffee stall. They’ve catered events for companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Lloyds Bank, so there’s some heavy weight support behind this caffeine fuelled social revolution.

Why we like them:

Well first off, they sound like a Johnny Cash song, so major brownie points to founders Mat Corbett and Kieron Tilley there; but beyond the window-dressing, We Walk the Line are actively working to help the disadvantaged or at risk, which we respect wholeheartedly. In addition to training young people or those who may be considered “unemployable” and teaching them vital skills, they reinvest their profits to support the creation of micro-businesses for their employees. Plus, when you rely on caffeine as much as our founder Matt Hughes does, you learn to appreciate using coffee through an entrepreneurial eye![/vc_column_text][vc_message]Find out more at[/vc_message]

[vc_text_separator title=”iamYiam” color=”orange” border_width=”4″][vc_column_text]Who are they?

By combining data, genetics and scientific research with personal lifestyle goals and health practices, iamYiam works to help their customers “achieve peak performance” in their lives. They operate by delivering preventative therapies tailored around your genetics so that you don’t get a generic solution, but one crafted just for you. Their questionnaire measures 642,825 genetic markers to create “a unique picture of you” and points out areas where positive changes could be made to help you live the healthiest and happiest life.

Why we like them:

We admit to nothing, but there’s a chance artificial intelligence makes the One Stop Social team a tad nervous. We love tech but we have also seen I, Robot too many times. However, iamYiam are utilising one of the more controversial advancements of the 21st Century, A.I., to help us understand our health and guide us towards better choices, which makes it hard to be sceptical! This is such a promising idea as our society is constantly striving for more information and yet this information needs to be available for the masses, not just those with PhDs! They’re helping a scientific understanding of health be more accessible so that more people can easily recognise positive lifestyle choices that are suited specifically to each of us.[/vc_column_text][vc_message]Find out more at[/vc_message]

[vc_text_separator title=”GoodGym” color=”orange” border_width=”4″][vc_column_text]Who are they?

They’re a dedicated team of runners who build community partnerships to combine exercise with doing good to give people a #ReasonToRun. They help by organising stop offs on their runs to pay social visits or do one-off tasks for isolated older people; as well as doing physical tasks for organisations in the community. They plant trees in local parks or run cans to food banks, and all within 90 minutes. They are redefining what “going for a quick run” could look like and the benefits it could bring to different people. GoodGym have trained staff around the country to help you get fit in the right way, all you have to do is pick your run!

Why we like them:

Okay bear with us on this one, we know the idea of going running can make some people want to run walk slowly towards the nearest kebab shop instead, but GoodGym might have just found an incentive we could be okay with. They are using exercise to help local communities, so we’ve got to give them credit for that. We love the involvement of everyday gym-fans in supporting older people and their local environment, as it builds a sense of respect for the community and those in it. We’re also big fans of the fact that the older people the runners visit are known as their coaches – keeping them motivated and giving them support back![/vc_column_text][vc_message]Find out more at[/vc_message]

[vc_text_separator title=”HealthUnlocked” color=”orange” border_width=”4″][vc_column_text]Who are they?

Think Facebook, but about health instead of memes. HealthUnlocked is a social network where people can find others with similar health concerns and share advice and emotional support. By connecting patients, caregivers and health advocates together online safely, they are working to combat the statistic that almost 7/10 patients had never spoken to another patient with the same condition before joining them. They’ve already had 2.5 million experiences shared on their platform, about conditions, symptoms, treatments and health services; which helps build up the confidence of someone dealing with an illness when speaking to professionals. There are over 500 communities on a whole range of topics such as healthy eating, hepatitis, prostate cancer, PTSD and diabetes.

Why we like them:

They cover almost everything. They’re building communities for almost every condition under the sun and helping people feel less alone as they deal with any form of challenge, which is a highly commendable business aim. We’re especially interested in the ability to discuss common drugs with people who have taken them, as it gives a real and personal account of any side-effects so that patients can know what to expect beyond the statistics.[/vc_column_text][vc_message]Find out more at[/vc_message]

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