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Do you require a practice educator for your student social worker? We have a number of qualified social workers across England and Wales with extensive experience working in front-line services that are practice educator trained (Stage 2).

What we offer

  • Support Local Universities in identifying student social work placements.

  • Provide ‘off site’ practice educators for social care services that do not have access to either a qualified social worker or practice educator.

  • Completion of student social worker supervision, observations and practice paperwork.

  • Provide application and interview skills workshop seminars for the student social worker.

We will complete all supervision sessions, observations and all practice placement paperwork. We even complete actions and learning plans should issues arise during placement. This removes the hassle for your service, whilst offering the added benefit of having an enthusiastic student social worker willing to learn.


  • 70 days placement – 14 hours of supervision, 6 hours of observations and 4 hours of reporting writing/assessment. Total = 24 hours.

  • 100 days placement – 20 hours of supervision, 8 hours of observations and 4 hours of reporting writing/assessment. Total = 32 hours.

Why do we offer this service?

Student social work placements are essential in developing front-line practice, which seeks to link theory to day to day service delivery. We believe that all students should be supported through effective supervision and observations where reflective and critical thinking is promoted. Our supervision is individually tailored to meet the needs of all students. We utilise theory, linking our support to PCF and HCPC standards of practice.

Practice Educators

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