EBOOK: A Survival Guide For Health Research Methods

Health Care
Research Methods

Posted: 31 May 2017
Website: http://www.mheducation.co.uk

Cost: £22.00

Format: Soft Back & Ebook

Edition: 1

This handy book is an ideal companion for all health and nursing students looking for an accessible guide to research. Written in a friendly style, the book takes the stress out of research learning by offering realistic, practical guidance and demystifying research methods jargon.

The book takes you through the main methods, tools and approaches used by health researchers and uses examples and case studies to highlight good and bad practice in research. The book also includes:

  • Guidance on critical thinking and writing, to assist you in interpreting research articles and judging their worth
  • Simple exercises, discussion points and reflective opportunities to help you construct logical arguments and apply research findings to practice
  • Useful tips for surviving and exceeding in your course of study
  • A section in each chapter on ‘jargon busting’ to help you keep on top of the terms and language used in research

A Survival Guide for Health Research Methods is a great first book for students and practitioners new to the subject. It will also be of use to staff returning to practice and those with no prior research knowledge. 

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