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Posted: 29 March 2019
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A box of 40 different positive affirmation cards, designed with warm, colourful drawings.

How the work?

Helping children to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive thoughts. Great for Nurture Groups, parents, attachment parenting and professionals. Promoting kindness, thoughtfulness, smiling, learning, gratitude, helping, courage and much more. Each card helps children become mindful of their thoughts and emotions. Our affirmation cards also make wonderfully unique kids gifts.

Nurture Cards can also open important avenues for parents and kids to being open about feelings (both good and bad ) and prompt discussion about friends or worries. If you are using these cards with children 3-6 yrs who cannot yet read – they work just as well if you read them the affirmation, and then they repeat it to themselves.

Who can use Nurture Cards?

Nurture cards can be used as Nurture Group resources to promote self-esteem and self confidence in children. They can be used by parents and carers as a part of everyday life or by professionals such as Social Workers, Child Therapists, Family Support Workers, teachers and those working in the medical profession. They also compliment the attachment parenting style or parenting by connection model.


  • OSS Members: £17
  • Non-members: £22

Note: Prices include postage and packaging.

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If you wish to purchase more than one set, please contact us at central@onestopsocial.co.uk

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