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Posted: 17 February 2019
Website: https://youtu.be/3ILaguFXHr4

This is a short video (5 minutes) on County Lines. The film explains what County Lines is and how it effects young people across the country. It has been made in collaboration with The University of Greenwich, Lewisham Police and The Children's Society for a project funded by the NHS Health Education England.

It can be used to inform practitioner awareness and as a direct work session for parent(s)/Carer(s) and young people.

What is Child Criminal Exploitation/County Lines:

This is when individuals or gangs use vulnerable children and/or adults to transport and sell Class A drugs, primarily from urban areas into market or coastal towns or rural areas to establish new drug markets or take over existing ones. They also use children to transport and hide weapons and to secure dwellings of vulnerable people in the area, so that they can use them as a base from which to sell drugs.

The Home Office defines child criminal exploitation as:

Child Criminal Exploitation… occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to coerce, control, manipulate or deceive a child or young person under the age of 18.

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