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Posted: 28 January 2019
Telephone: 020 8461 7816

The Private Fostering Awareness app is a go-to guide that fits right in your pocket.

Not everyone is aware of when a child is being privately fostered, or of what private fostering even is.
Therefore, this app has been created as a resource and training tool to help multi-agency professionals and communities develop an understanding of what private fostering is, why it may happen and their role in identifying and engaging with families caring for a child in a potential private fostering arrangement.

This includes training on issues such as those faced by children from overseas who are living in the UK with somebody other than their parents or legal guardian.

Users are also provided with a Digital Certificate upon successful completion of a 'Competence Test', which assesses your understanding and helps address knowledge gaps.

Overall, use of the app aims to create greater levels of 'confidence in competence' for key practitioners to equip them with the confidence to identify and reflect on children in such situations to ensure a mutually-beneficial outcome for all involved.

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