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Drugs & Alcohol Workbook

Substance and Alcohol Abuse
Practitioner Support
Direct Work Adults

Posted: 11 January 2019

Excellent workbook enabling practitioners to assist their service user to understand their addiction cycle, introduce tools which can be used during their recovery and teach them various coping strategies for life.


How to use this workbook 
Introduction to substance use and acquired brain injury

Section 1 Understanding the addiction cycle

Chapter 1 Getting ready for change
Chapter 2 My top 5 reasons for change
Chapter 3 The effects of drugs and alcohol
Chapter 4 The ABCs of substance use
Chapter 5 Thoughts, feelings and substance use
Chapter 6 First things first. Ideas to get started
Chapter 7 Saying no to alcohol and drugs
Chapter 8 Coping with cravings

Section 2 Tools to use during recovery

Chapter 9 Journaling
Chapter 10 Being in groups
Chapter 11 Setting realistic goals

Section 3 Understanding yourself and your relationships

Chapter 12 Being your own best friend
Chapter 13 Building self esteem
Chapter 14 Building healthy relationships
Chapter 15 Building a support network

Section 4 Coping strategies for life

Chapter 16 Assertiveness
Chapter 17 Dealing with boredom
Chapter 18 Coping with strong feelings
Chapter 19 Relaxation
Chapter 20 Problem-solving
Chapter 21 Staying healthy

Section 5 Pulling it all together

Chapter 22 Goal setting for recovery
Chapter 23 Learning from lapses

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