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Keeping it Together: A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation
Parenting Support

Posted: 11 January 2019
Telephone: 0113 240 3040

This booklet is written for parents whose children are being sexually exploited by an individual or group of adults outside of the family unit. It was written in consultation with parents who have witnessed the sexual exploitation of their own daughters or sons. Although every parent’s situation is unique, it is hoped that this information can be interpreted in a way that is useful to each parent, and help them to remain positive.

This guide is concerned about how parents cope with the day-to-day stress of witnessing sexual exploitation and how to maintain a job, run a home, manage finances and look after their whole family.

The booklet contains the following chapters:

Finding out and seeking help
Understanding what’s going on with your child
Maintaining day-to-day life
Managing a crisis
Finding the right support for your child
Responding to long term CSE

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