My living positively hand-book (Workbook for children with HIV)

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Posted: 28 December 2018

This book was made by children, families, doctors, nurses, teachers,
and counsellors. Many of us are living with HIV, just like you. We hope
that our pictures and words will help you learn a lot about HIV and
living positively.
Find a grown-up to read this book with you. They can help with the
activities and answer any other questions you have. Maybe this is
someone in your family or someone at your clinic.
It is OK to put marks in this book. There are no right or wrong answers,
so don’t worry about making mistakes.


All about me
Who else has HIV?
What is HIV?
Sinazo’s story
How do I get HIV?
How do I live positively?
What may happen to my body without help?
Zamo’s story
How do I feel today?
My medicines
Traditional healers .
A trickster tale
How to take your medicines
Babalwa’s story
Children talk about having HIV
HIV and discrimination
Patient file
My everyday colouring book
My blood tests
Make a book
Other books to read
Thankyou’s and copyright
Notes and emergency information

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