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Posted: 01 October 2018

Working with children who are victims or at risk of sexual exploitation: Barnardo’s model of practice first sets out the issue of child sexual exploitation and the models and processes used to exploit children and young people, and then explains the ‘4 As’ from a practitioner perspective. It has been developed for a broad audience, including those who wish to learn about effective and evidence-based engagement with children at risk of, and those who have been victims of, sexual exploitation.



  • What is child sexual exploitation?    
  • Who is at risk of child sexual exploitation?   
  • Why are some children more vulnerable to sexual exploitation than others?      

Child sexual exploitation models     

  • Peer exploitation       
  • Gang involvement       
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend       
  • Party         
  • Online/technology       
  • Self-generated        
  • Trafficking        
  • Commercial sexual exploitation of children  
  • The grooming process      
  • A social model of consent      
  • What are the barriers to victims accessing support services?       

A model for engaging and working with children at risk of sexual exploitation: The ‘4 As’   

  • Assertive outreach       
  • Advocacy         
  • Attention         
  • Access         
  • Moving forward/‘Accessing the new’    
  • Underpinning responses      
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