A Practical Approach at Home for Parents & Carers (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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Posted: 02 June 2018
Website: http://www.falkirk.gov.uk/services/social-care/disabilities/young-people-with-disability.aspx
Telephone: 01324 506400

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder are part of a distinctive group with common characteristics. In order to assist individuals to learn and develop,it is crucial that those around them understand Autistic Spectrum Disorder and assist the individual to develop by providing structured teaching.

This includes organising the physical environment and developing schedules and work systems which incorporate the
use of visual material to make expectations clear and explicit. With regard to the physical environment, people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
perceive the world differently and many have difficulties making sense out of a lot of details.

People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder first of all see the detail, and then try to get the meaning. It is therefore necessary to adapt the environment to suit each individual, to ensure that everything abstract (vague or theoretical e.g the concept of time) is made concrete and to ensure that structured teaching is carried out in the appropriate

If too much stimulation (something that produces a reaction/response) is available, people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder are unable to grasp the meaning, particularly if stimuli change all the time. Consistency in the environment, approaches and positive routines may assist the young person to cope with daily living.

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