Helping Children Who Witness Domestic Violence:A Guide for Parents

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Posted: 06 February 2018

The purpose of the booklet is to help parents who have experienced domestic violence to understand the impact on their children and themselves; to teach parents to talk to and listen to their children about their experience of the violence; to encourage children's resiliency, and to support parents in strengthening their relationships with their children. It is a great guide for professionals who work with CYPs and families involved in DA.

Table of Contents 

  • Session 1: What is Domestic Violence?
  • Introductions
  • What is domestic violence?
  • Power and Control in Violent Relationships
  • Effects of DV on the Victim
  • Effects of DV on the Perpetrator
  • Session 2: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Kids
  • Session 3: How to Help Our Kids
  • Session 4: Talking to Children About Domestic Violence
  • Session 5: Safety Planning for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Session 5: Accountability to Our Children - For Men Who Batter
  • Responsible Parenting
  • Session 6: Parenting When You've Been a Victim of DV
  • Session 6: Respectful Parenting With Your Children's Mom
  • Session 7: Respectful Parenting
  • Session 8: Handling Anger as a Parent
  • Session 9: Conflict Prevention
  • Session 10: Setting Limits Respectfully
  • Session 11: Understanding Children's Development
  • Session 12: Strengthening Relationships With Our Children
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