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Posted: 11 April 2017

Making It Count In Court is a good “starter for 10” for any professional or practitioner working within the Youth Justice System in England and Wales. It offers an insight in to the role of the Youth Court and its professionals. This includes the roles of the Youth Offending Team.

It is also a good resource to share with parent(s)/carer(s) and children/young people who come into contact with the Court System. Content includes:

Chapter 1 Court in context

Chapter 2 Working in partnership

Chapter 3 The role of court professionals

Chapter 4 The role of the YOT

Chapter 5 The role of the court in partnership with the YOT

Chapter 6 The YOT’s role in court

Chapter 7 Preparation of reports used in court

Chapter 8 Presentation in court

Chapter 9 Post-court administration

Chapter 10 Moving forward 

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