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Posted: 18 November 2017

Person Centred Planning (PCP) refers to the process of life planning for an individual.

Who is this toolkit for?

This PCP toolkit aims to inform parents and professionals who work with young people between the ages of 4 and 19 who are on the autism spectrum. The general information about PCP is applied to the specific issues faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, and is adapted to be relevant for young people throughout the different stages of education.


  • Person Centred Planning
  • Introduction
  • Legal Requirements
  • Who is this toolkit for?
  • Section 1: The 5 key features of person centred planning
  • Section 2: The tools of person centred planning
  • Section 3: Person Centred Planning for young people on the autism spectrum
  • Section 4: Person Centred Planning at key transition points
  • Section 5: Getting Started - a practical framework for planning
  • Section 6: Good Practice Examples
  • Section 7: Useful links
  • APPENDIX 1: MAPS example
  • APPENDIX 2: PATHS example
  • APPENDIX 3: Circle of Support example
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