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Posted: 30 March 2017

Developing Social Work Reflective Practice is a useful resource book that has been created by One Stop Social. (don't worry - it's only 8 pages). This will offer you some guidance on how to write and complete a reflective log and how to reflect on your practice within the community. The resource contains four elements:

  • Defining reflective practice – page 3
  • Morrison (1993) – Reflective Practice Framework – page 5
  • John’s Model of Structured Reflection (1994) – page 6
  • Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988) – page 8

So, what are the skills that underpin the concept of reflective practice? Well, the following areas have been identified as key ingredients:


Roots: phenomenology

  • The cognitive ability to think, feel, sense and know through intuition
  • To evaluate the knowledge derived through self-awareness to develop understanding

Critical Thinking:

Roots: scepticism and critical theory

  • Identifying and challenging assumptions
  • Challenging the importance of context
  • To imagine and explore alternatives which leads to reflective skepticism


Roots: existential phenomenology and critical theory

  • Interpretive and critical theory
  • Tool for promoting self
  • Social awareness and social action
  • Improving self-expression, learning and co-operation
  • Links theory and practice
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