Social Media and Social Care: A Partnership that Works

Social Media Social Care
[vc_column_text]The bond between social care and social media has proven itself strong in a variety of ways. From offering job opportunities to keeping people together, social media is the viral trend that took over nearly every industry in existence.  [/vc_column_text]
[vc_text_separator title=”Why is social media therefore so important for social work and care? “][vc_column_text]In order to understand the magnitude of which social media affects social work, we first need to understand the numbers behind the facts. Let’s take the UK for example, where by the end of 2015, there were about 33 million active users on Facebook, with more than a third of the entire population visiting the site every day. Another popular social media website Twitter boasts over 15 million active users just in the UK market, while LinkedIn has grown its following in Britain to over 13 million registered members. And at last count, YouTube had over 19 million unique visitors from the UK watching videos on the video-sharing website. Such a massive community of active users is undoubtedly a great way to reach out to as many people as possible. Better yet, it is also a great opportunity for social work companies to get the word out there of how they work and what they do so those looking to start a social work career can not only feel inspired but also know who to contact. Here are therefore a few reasons on why this bond between social media and social care is so strong: [/vc_column_text]
[vc_text_separator title=”Building Your Career “][vc_column_text]Only a few years ago those with qualifications looking to start their social career would have had to spend hours carrying on extensive research on where to apply, which companies to pursue and even what positions are available out there. This task has been drastically improved by the introduction of online platforms such as One Stop Social, where a variety of social care jobs are available to the click of a button. Through these services anyone can apply to as many job positions as possible without having to leave the conform of home.[/vc_column_text]
[vc_text_separator title=”Providing First Hand Information “][vc_column_text]Never before in history has humanity had so much access to information as today. This is also great news for both those interested in receiving social services and those interest in offering it. While online platforms offer interesting articles and insights about life in social care, Social media provides a first-hand way to stay updated on what is happening within the industry, including announcements about interesting events such as Work & Care Together where visitants can attend for free and get to speak with dozens of influential companies for British social care[/vc_column_text]
[vc_text_separator title=”Staying Connected “][vc_column_text]A big part of social work and care is the need for human interaction and closeness. It is difficult sometimes however to stay in touch with patients or colleagues, as life in social work can get busy!  Social media opened the doors for social workers to share their experience openly and therefore offer insights for those looking to follow on the same footsteps. Think even further, those who have been using social care can now stay in touch daily bringing the feeling of togetherness closer. [/vc_column_text]
[vc_text_separator title=”Spreading the Word (About Your Business) “][vc_column_text]Although the previous reasons applied mostly to the benefit of social media for the care industry itself and its professionals, this last reason is more linked towards how social care companies can grow by spreading awareness about their company through social media. Think about it, how would you tell thousands of people about what you do without spending much money and with as little hassle as possible? Think about social media. With options of paid adverts and different things going viral every week it is no doubt that this is the best bet when it comes to quick and exponential growth. It is however important that when using social media as a marketing tool, one remembers that although this task might seem easy it works much better when done by someone who knows what they are doing. This is why One Stop Social offers social media consulting services that are tailored specially for social care companies.  By having the word about what you do and how you do it out there in the correct way, social work companies can benefit greatly.  [/vc_column_text]
[vc_column_text]Whether you are a social worker, a business or someone looking to work with social care, it is obvious that social media can be a great ally. By focusing on the positive aspects of this wonderful marketing tool, the industry of social care can continue to grow at a fast pace. [/vc_column_text]
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