Social Care News in Brief: Local Authorities to receive £150m for social care

[vc_column_text]On Monday it was announced that local authorities will receive an extra £150m to help fund social care services. Whilst this has been welcomed, councils have warned that this is a very temporary measure and one that will not address the overall wider pressures.

It comes as Northamptonshire County Council became the first local authority in nearly 20 years to ban all but essential new spending and at least 10 councils are preparing to impose emergency spending controls.

Overall, there are growing concerns across England and Wales that the current lack of funding and support for social care services is contributing to poor working conditions for care professionals. This is having a negative impact on the recruitment, retention and development of staff. There appears to be little reward or support for those that wish to join the caring sector as professionals are struggling to meet the demands of the service as funding levels are simply not commensurate to need.[/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”What we do”]

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