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Posted: 21 March 2017
Telephone: 01695 733050

Care Afloat was established in January 1991 and is now entering its 26th year of provision.

They provide individual and shared placements for difficult to place young people, most of whom have had multiple moves. Their emphasis is on providing a package of care unique to each young person in a caring environment, underpinned by consistency, clear boundaries, support and the opportunity for a successful future.

What they offer?

They offer holistic provision from 4 weeks to 11 Years, from school age to independence.

They have small community based registered children’s homes, yacht, canal boats, Registered Mobile Facility and ancillary services, with inclusion in Education as a priority.

The main tool for their work with young people is the relationship each member of staff develops with them. They can facilitate high staff ratios (often 2 staff: 1 young person), which means that young people get what they need most – adult attention and guidance and an approach that is non-judgemental and imaginative.

Care plans and strategies are reviewed by staff teams monthly. Staff are enabled and encouraged to examine the impact their approach has had strategically on the young person and challenge their own practice.

Staff training and development are also high in our priorities. They believe that if strategies are not working, it is their responsibility as professionals and adults to adapt approaches and provision to meet the needs of each young person. This constant re-assessment of effectiveness and their flexibility means that they can react quickly and positively to a crisis in placement.

For more info contact Mike Fletcher on 01695 733050

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