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Care and Community
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[vc_column_text]Care and Community’s service consists if a semi – independent living program which offers accommodation to 16 – 18 year olds leaving the care system. This includes individualised support and mentoring service to assist the young person through the transition to independence, ongoing life skills development program which includes budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, job and training acquisition to finding suitable accommodation for moving on. They also offer dedicated I.T. rooms for all residents offering secure Internet access for use with college course work, applying for jobs, college courses and help with moving on.[/vc_column_text]
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[vc_column_text]The great thing about Care and Community is that they support the transition process to full independence by helping young people to acquire the necessary life skills in preparation for living independently, by helping them experiment safely with their increasing freedom and help them to develop and understand the responsibilities associated with adulthood, whilst still having the appropriate levels of support from an experienced and qualified staff team.

These are a few of the many areas the mentors help out with:

  • Provide support and encouragement for young people to attend social activities
    • Discussing the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol
    • Assisting with making the right choice of property when successfully moving on
    • Help and advice with interview skills and techniques
    • Helping complete Job application forms
    • Assistance with further education applications
    • Assisting with CV development


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[vc_column_text]Be Healthy

Care and Community work towards supporting the young to achieving good physical, emotional, mental and sexual health. They ensure early identification and appropriate action in the event of a young person’s ill health and support the young present take the treatment prescribed, liaising where appropriate with their social worker and those with parental rights. We will keep a record of their health, their treatment medication and administration, and their development.

Staying Safe

Another one of their aims is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment with appropriate support from a network of other agencies and organisations (Princes Trust, Connect, Connexions, NYAS) to meet their individual needs.

Making Positive Contributions

Care and Community engage their residents with weekly key working sessions, cook and eat nights, DVD and film nights and other practical sessions that they may not have experienced previously. They also encourage participation in the local community such as volunteering with a charity to raise funds or work experience in a charity shop.


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[vc_column_text]As you can probably tell by now Care and Community give their all to the young residents in hope to give them the best possible start of their lives. They are also committed to ensuring that each young person has a successful move-on and transition to fully independent living, by working closely with leaving care team personal advisors and local authorities.


If you’d like to find out more, contact Richard below:

Tel: 01253 342 017
Mob: 07852 720 450


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