I am a Social Worker Because….

[vc_column_text]Yesterday, we were at the Compass Jobs Fair Event in London, and asked practicing Social Workers and Student Social Workers to answer the following: “I am a Social Worker Because…” Here’s some of the excellent responses:

“I want to make a difference”

“I am passionate about making a difference for children and families”

“I wish to build on Service Users quality of Life”

“I wanted to help people access equal opportunities and improve their quality of life”

“To make a difference and do myself out of a job”

“To help those who need it”

“I want to be a palliative Social Worker to promote the importance of psycho-social support in end of life care”

“To support people to make changes that are needed in their well-being”

“I want to make a difference to children’s lives”

“I hate social injustice and love a good fight (to advocate for people)”

“To challenge injustice and understand what leads to peoples experiences”

“I had a difficult childhood, left home at a young age and was helped to overcome difficulties”

“To improve and empower Service Users and change perception of a Social Worker”

“To promote change & Challenge injustice”

“To make impact in someone’s life”

“Make that change”

“I would like to empower people to overcome adversity and promote better life outcomes”

Why did we do this?

As frontline practitioners, we have become increasingly frustrated by the increased negative sensationalisation and narrative of our profession, reported by those who have very limited knowledge of Social Work. As such, we are passionate about advocating and promoting positive social work!

You can see from the responses above; Social Workers join the profession to advocate, support and help make differences to those less fortunate. We are facilitators of change and look to empower and work in partnership with those assessed as in need… whether children, young people or adults. So let us support our practitioners, because, “if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”.

Let us know why you are a Social Worker…?

Please email us at central@onestopsocial.co.uk or by posting on our social media pages 🙂 (or below any link to this article).[/vc_column_text]

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