Frontline To Receive Funding for 900 Social Workers


Education Secretary Damian Hinds has thrown his support this morning behind the training programme for children’s social workers run by Frontline, announcing funding for 900 places until 2021. This new funding comes soon after Frontline revealed research showing that “44% of adults aged 18 – 34 are considering a change of career this year” and that “25% of millennials would prioritise purpose over pay”. Therefore, this move could be a way for the government to encourage social work as a profession across the country. Supporting vulnerable children is definitely a ‘purposeful’ career, so making training more available could be a good way to entice millennials into the sector – thereby helping the recruitment issues that social work and care are feeling so critically lately.

Damian Hinds commented that “children’s social care is only as good as the people who deliver it, which is why we want to recruit, retain and develop the best social workers, so they can continue to offer the much needed lifeline to those who need it most”; therefore it’s a brilliant vote of confidence into the quality of the training offered by Frontline, showcasing governmental recognition of the valuable services in our sector.

The 900 places for children’s social workers are part of a £45million funding package from the government to help Frontline continue their work as a top recruiter for social work, bringing in some excellent talent for our sector every year. It’ll help facilitate more programmes and inspire more graduates, young people and career-changers to choose social work. We all know we need more people to develop our sector and help support the vulnerable people who need us across the UK; so this move to boost recruitment figures is a positive start to 2019 from the Education Secretary!

Frontline have had cross-party support for their work for a while now, but it’s great to see that this support is manifesting in actual funding that will improve opportunities within social work. As a “charity with a mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work and broader society”; it’s easy to recognise how honourable their mission is, so to see external support furthering their cause is undeniably a reason to celebrate!

Josh MacAlister, CEO of Frontline tweeted that he was “delighted that our work to transform lives of the most vulnerable children and their families will continue into the next decade”. We’re immensely pleased to see this funding being dedicated to such valuable work, and One Stop Social will be here to support these new recruits to our social work community in every way we can!

Frontline 2019

Applications are still open for the Frontline programme in 2019, and as Josh MacAlister put it: “This year there has never been a better time to get into social work.” So why not start your social work journey today!

Work and Care Together – Training Opportunities 

If you’re looking to develop your skills within social work, why not attend our free convention on 24th January in London for social work and care professionals. We’ve got 24 training sessions and presentations taking place across the day and all completely free to attend! Our workshops are on a variety of topics including: 

  • Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines & Cuckooing and Post-18 Issues [by SPACE]
  • Giving Evidence in Court for Social Workers [by The Open University]
  • Priorities for Modern Social Work Practice [by Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults]
  • Parents as Partners: tackling child exploitation [by Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation]
  • Domestic Abuse & Somalian Community – Approach to Parenting [by Mike Williams, NSPCC]

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