Deserving of recognition | Care Professionals get 10.7% pay rise

//Deserving of recognition | Care Professionals get 10.7% pay rise

Deserving of recognition | Care Professionals get 10.7% pay rise

Salford City Council has announced that Care Professionals are set to receive a pay rise of nearly 11%.

Care Professionals contracted to provide Social Care within Salford will be paid £8.30 an hour in the future. The National Minimum Wage for workers over the age of 25 is £7.50.

The pay increase will be subsidised by a government grant and is expected to reach £725,000 over the next two-years. It is hoped that the grant will help Salford City Council meet the growing challenge of recruiting and retaining good care professionals, which is a national concern.

Skills for Care estimated that there are around 84,000 job vacancies at any one time and in April 2017 reports suggested that over 900 people were leaving  the social care sector everyday. As such, one thing is clear: the recruitment, retention and development of Care Professionals remains one of the most important and growing challenges for the Social Care Sector.

However, the council said that over 300 Care Professionals will now earn up to £17,200 per year, with staff seeing an increase in wages as early as this month. Dr Tom Tasker, chairman of the NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, said the pay rise will ensure vulnerable people get the “high quality and continuous care they deserve”.

Back in August 2017, we wrote about how Support Work and Care is a vocation and is deserving of recognition, including increased pay. As such, we view this as a step in the right direction in recognising the professionalism, commitment, dedication and support Care Professionals demonstrate on a daily basis.

The role requires specialist training and is of significant importance within the Social Care Sector. Because if you invest in your employees, they will invest their time, effort and commitment to providing an excellent service for those in need.

Source: BBC News

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