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Critical Reflection in Social Work – This is a short video that offers an insight and some tip into the importance of critical thinking and reflective practice. It is particularly relevant to anyone working in the Health and Social Care Sectors.

Social Work Reflection Video

See below also “Developing Social Work Reflective Practice”. This is a very useful resource book that has been created by One Stop Social. It is 8 pages and offers relevant guidance on how to write and complete a reflective log and how to reflect on your practice within the community. It includes the following reflective models:

  • Defining reflective practice – page 3
  • Morrison (1993) – Reflective Practice Framework – page 5
  • John’s Model of Structured Reflection (1994) – page 6
  • Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988) – page 8

Evidence Based

This Video was created by Matt Hughes, who is a registered Social Worker and Director of One Stop Social. He admits that he’s not a natural on camera, but hopes that the video will help support those achieve what would be considered ‘good’ reflective practice. Evidence base to support video: This Critical Reflection in Social Work video has been created with sight of the Gibbs Reflective Model. Front-line experience: Matt has also managed staff in front-line Child Protection, Children Looked After, Children in Need, Initial Assessment and Youth Justice Teams. He has been accountable and had line management responsibility for Support Workers, Student Social Workers, Social Workers, Police Officers and Probation Officers. He was also headhunted to support staff/Social Worker supervision and case management during an Ofsted Inspection for a Local Authority.

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