A business defining year for One Stop Social

[vc_column_text]Well, what a year! 2017 has been a business defining watershed year for One Stop Social. We have now built a very strong following. That’s because we’re run by social work and care professionals with more than 30 years’ frontline experience. Our engagement has been excellent as professionals visiting our website can book onto the latest training, events, refer to specialist services, access resources and find jobs…ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Our practitioners have featured in social work books for best practice and completed guides and resources for our website. We’ve become a very trusted and niche website and we’re passionate about providing a quality based service.

Some milestones:

In February, we uploaded our new and improved website, courtesy of a Start-Up Government loan.  In May we secured our first investor. This has been hugely successful, offering us support and business development; allowing us to focus on our priority, which is to continue to support and develop resources content for front-line professionals.

Since March, we organised and facilitated a number of training events, on behalf of our training partners. In all, we had over 600 attend six sessions. In November, we integrated our Jobs Board with Broadbean for multi-job postings. We have also secured integration with Logic Mellon. We now also have a CV Library, which allows candidates to upload their CV for free. We have over 50 employers accessing this currently.


Our website analytics have increased dramatically, growing website traffic by 988% in the last 12 months.  We now get up to 1000 unique visitors on our website each date. Averaging just under 3 pages and 2 minutes and 45 seconds per session. We also have 16,000 registered to our weekly E-Bulletins.

Social Media:

We are now admins/have created over 8 Facebook groups, specific to social work and social care. Totalling to over 15,000 followers. Our engagement and website resources have proved a huge hit from students to experienced practitioners. We did this by investing in the quality of content we share.

So, to the future… What will 2018 hold?

Whilst 2017 proved to be our watershed year, 2018 is already turning out to be another very busy one. To name but a few:

  • We have already secured work assisting a Local Authority to help their social work development.
  • We have co-ordinated mandatory training for a number of agencies, councils and front-line social work/care services throughout the year.
  • Working in partnership with national government to support and recruit social workers
  • Secured attendance to all major national social work and care events.
  • Daily growth of our jobs board and CV Library.
  • And a number of press releases…


Have you created your account?

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