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With 2018 around the corner, we have compiled a list of our most downloaded Social Care news and resource items this year. We wish you all a very happy New Year and look forward to providing you with the latest Social Care news, training, resources and jobs in 2018!

The below is free to download and is an excellent ‘starter pack’ for any Adult Social Care Practitioner. It is relevant to all professionals currently working in the Adult Social Care Sector. Although not exhaustive, this can range from Care Homes, Domiciliary Care, Safeguarding Adults Teams and Mental Health Teams.

Social Care Practitioner Support & Guidance ‘starter pack’ includes

Safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility

“Adults have the right to live life free from harm and abuse and with dignity and respect. It is important that all agencies who work with adults who may be at risk from abuse are involved in the prevention of abuse.

Adults at Risk

Section 42 of the Care Act 2014 defines an adult at risk as an adult who:

– Has needs for care and support (whether or not the local authority is meeting any of those needs) and;
– Is experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect; and
– As a result of those needs is unable to protect themselves from either the risk of, or the experience of abuse or neglect.

The local authority retains the responsibility for overseeing a safeguarding enquiry and ensuring that any investigation satisfies its duty under section 42 to decide what action (if any) is necessary to help and protect the adult, and to ensure that such action is taken when necessary.”

Related News

Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is now open! 

What is the Workforce Development Fund? 

The fund gives employers the opportunity to claim money towards the costs of employees completing adult social care qualifications, units, apprenticeships and learning programmes between 1 January 2017 and 31 March 2018.

Retention and Care Professional Staff Development

With around 84,000 job vacancies in our sector at any one time, recruitment, retention and Care Professional development remains one of the most important and growing challenges for adult social care employers. (Source: Skills for Care). But we can help! Join our Networking Partnership or contact us today to find out more.

E-Bulletin Sponsor

Create Care Training Ltd

Create Care Training Limited, referred to in this plan as CCTL has been established since October 2014 and is registered with Companies House. CCTL aims to provide a quality service of training to individuals who work in the Health and Social Care sector, whilst promoting clear carer pathways which could lead into higher education programmes and career progressions.

Vision Statement

Our promise is to deliver safe, high-quality training services to companies who provide care and support to others.

Mission Statement

CCTL will work in partnership with you to develop bespoke training packages which meet the demands of your organisation.

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