Add your front-line service to our Social Care Directory today… It’s completely free! 🙂

Why is it free? 

One Stop Social began simply as a Social Care Directory and was created by Matt Hughes. At the time he had been managing in Children’s and Youth Justice Services. What he found was that front-line staff endeavoured to offer the best support available to them so as to promote positive outcomes for all. However, there was limited knowledge of the available resources locally. This was due to a number of factors including workload pressures and difficulties in the retention of staff (and subsequently awareness of the local services) . It was created as a ‘one stop shop’ for the front-line practitioners whereby they could search, find and refer.

We believe that if you look after your staff, they will look after those that require support – whether adults or children and young people!

So, if you’re a front-line service provider within the Social Care Sector, simply register for your free account today and list your services under ‘Social Care Directory’.  Do it now, it only takes five minutes 🙂