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Social Worker and Director

Matt has extensive experience working as a front-line Support Worker, Social Worker and Manager for Children’s Social Care and Youth Offending Teams, which dates back over a decade. In that time, he has managed police officers, probation officers, social workers and support workers. Matt has assisted a number Local Authorities during and post Ofsted inspection to manage, ‘trouble-shoot’ and support social workers in their retention and development.

Matt founded One Stop Social when he was working full time as a social worker and getting frustrated with the fragmented nature of information available within the industry. He recognised the need for a “one stop shop” for all social work and care professionals and has developed the company from a one man show to a current team of 7 with specialisms in event management, animation and information systems.


Tristan Johnson - One Stop Social

Social Worker and Director

Tristan has over 17 years’ experience of working within Adult Services and in particular Mental Health services. Tristan is an Approved Mental Health Professional and Best Interest Assessor. His specialist knowledge of Mental Health led to him being invited to join the National Mental Capacity Forum. He has vast experience of teaching Social Work and Mental Health studies at a number of universities, most notably the University of Leeds.


About us

Marketing, Communications and Event Executive

Elena has just finished her MSc in International Events Management at the University of Salford and although she joined One Stop Social for a Marketing Internship, she has grown into a full time Marketing and Events Executive role. With a background in Management at Lancaster University and experience working in both England and Spain, Elena works to promote the One Stop Social brand across digital platforms as well as managing consultancy projects the team take on.

“I hope to help One Stop Social become the ‘one stop shop’ for social work and care professionals across every stage of their career (studying, qualifying, furthering their skills, finding jobs and more).”


One Stop Social have established an internship programme with the University of Salford to help give students hands-on experience of working with a fast-growing company, allowing them high levels of responsibility and task determination.

Our most recent interns were:

Shaira Abdullah – Information Systems and Project Management Intern

My name is Shaira and I’m delighted by the opportunity to be working for One Stop Social! I’m currently studying for my Masters in Information Systems at the University of Salford where I completed my BSc in Business and Management. Creating goals for myself and working toward them keeps me on my toes and makes my life muchmore interesting. When I am passionate about something, I go to extreme efforts to meet my passion. I love exploring the natural beauty of a new place which is why in my free time, I travel the world with my loved ones and explore various destinations. I’m passionate about Digital Innovation and look forward to the potential of what emerging technologies can offer in the upcoming future. With my background in Health and Social Care and Information Systems, I am excited to identify and implement digital growth for One Stop Social. A challenge I have always loved is problem solving, from completing puzzles at home through to managing more complex problems for projects at University – making this role perfect for me. Being a tea-drinker you’ll find me in the office drinking endless cups of tea to keep me going. I’m super impressed by the current growth of the business and can’t wait to work with the team to see what’s in store for the future!

Panagiota Iosifidou – Financial Intern

My name is Panagiota and I am honored to be a part of One Stop Social team as a Financial Intern. I’m glad to have joined this family and start my career in a fast-developing company as I am currently studying toward an MSc degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Salford. Since graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I decided that Finance is my big love and Manchester was the city to chase my dreams. For me, it’s the place to live as it offers great job opportunities in all sectors while the cost of living remains quite low. I have to admit that I even enjoy the weather although I come from a Mediterranean background! I was born and raised in Greece and however  much I like it here, there are two things that are irreplaceable in my heart: Greek food and coffee! I’m obsessed with organising and getting things done. There is no way I won’t finish a task that I’ve started, and I’m always determined to bring the best possible result. Numbers are my language and I’m pleased that this internship gives me the opportunity to built upon my skills. Analysing finances and trying to determine ways of improvement for a growing and innovative company like One Stop Social is quite a challenge that will boost my career. I’m so excited to be a part of the team !

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