Are you a qualified social worker, but have been out of practice for a number of years? If you’re looking to get back into the social work profession, we can help.

We offer coaching, support in CV application and linkage with relevant placement experiences. Contact us today for further information.

What we offer:

Supervised practice – Return to Social Work

We offer those seeking to return to Social Work with ‘supervised practice’, which is practising under the supervision of a registered professional. In order to complete a period of supervised practice, you will need to identify a supervisor. You are required to have a registered professional to ‘sign off’ the work you have undertaken and to support you during the periods specifics (30 or 60 days).

Your supervisor must:

  • be on the relevant part of the HCPC Register;
  • have been in regulated practice for at least the previous three years; and
  • not be subject to any fitness to practise proceedings or orders, ie they must not be cautioned, or subject to ‘conditions of practice’.

We do not set detailed requirements regarding the level of supervision needed, or the tasks that you need to undertake. We believe that this is best negotiated directly between you and your supervisor, on the basis of your learning needs.

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