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Posted: 28 July 2017
Telephone: 07943 076913

Event Date: 08 December 2017
Event Venue: The RedHouse Cymru
Event Cost: £64.31

This workshop focuses on Bowlby\'s Attachment Theory and it\'s core principles suggested to be the bedrock of our relationships, affect regulation and interactions with others.

Attachment styles and/or patterns are developed throughout our childhood. The importance of a secure attachment is said to lay the foundation for developmental stability, but what happens if our childhood experiences are less than optimal?

Some areas covered are:

  • - Understanding Attachment
    - What is attachment? What are the origins of Attachment Theory? What does attachment look like? What different types of attachment   exist?
  • How does care giving impact on attachment?
    - Understanding Attachment Disorder
    - What is attachment disorder? How do I know a child has an attachment disorder? What does attachment disorder look like?
  • Parenting the Attachment-Disordered Child...

\'Insecure children are unsure whether they are good or bad. Attachment disordered children perceive themselves to be bad. As long as they perceive themselves to be bad, they will act bad. Acting bad produces a predictable response in others and confirms the childs belief system, which is reassuring to the insecure and attachment disordered child. It provides an element of stability and predictability\'....Colby Pearce Principal Psychologist.


What are my parking options getting to the event?

Local parking available, daily fee £3.50 (approx)

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email us on

For more info contact Talking Heads on 07943 076913

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